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available late 2009

All prices exclude VAT. All prices correct at time of publishing.

Installation £299

FSI Server can be setup and installed remotely for you making implementation even simpler.

Custom Skin Design

Basic Custom Skin from £466
The Basic Skin option covers modifications based on one of the default skins. You can specify custom colors, custom button shapes and the logo displayed in the menu bar can be replaced by any other logo. The layout (menu bar and survey window) as well as the intro displayed on startup remain unchanged.

Custom Skin Plus+ from £1500
The Skin Plus+ option offers the possibility to use FSI Viewer with a skin entirely based on a custom design. All parts of the user interface including the intro displayed while FSI Viewer loads its components can be modified to your needs.

Plug-In Bundle

FSI Viewer is sold with 20 free plugins which can be combined freely:

BackgroundImage, Chapters, ClockProgress, ColorAdjust, CustomButton, ExtendedUI, History, Magnifier, MaxZoom, MouseModeSelect, Music, PageSounds, PagesMirror, PagesThumbBar, Print, Save, Resize, SoftwareCursor, StickyNotes, TextBox, ZoomMeter.

The plug-in bundle extends the functionality of FSI Viewer even further with an additional five plug-ins:

Hot Spots, Javascript Bridge, Notepad, Synchronise, Measure.

FSI Plug-ins can be added for each viewer instance individually. To integrate a plug-in you simply have to add a single line of XML to the viewer configuration e.g. the line <plugin src="MaxZoom" /> adds the MaxZoom plug-in to the viewer and integrates a button into the user interface to magnify to the maximum resolution of the image.

Non-Profit Discount

A 50% discount on FSI products (excluding FSI Skin/FSI Skin Plus products) applies to legally constituted organizations whose objective is to support or engage in activities of public or private interest without any commercial or monetary profit. Universities, schools and other educational institutions, museums and aid organizations all qualify for this discount. All quotes and orders under this program must include complete name, address & contact information.