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Interactive Images Overview

In simple terms, Interactive Images are a way for people to view very hi-resolution imagery on a website, with advanced functionality (such as spin, zoom and full screen view), at ultra-fast download speeds.

"A survey showed 72% of customers asked said they were more likely to buy online as a result of Interactive Images."

The two core system elements:
1. The frontend solutions that allow your customers to view dynamic hi-res images of your products on a website.

Dynamic Zoom

360 Degree Product Spin with Zoom

Dynamic Galleries

View our e-commerce demo here

2. The backend web-based management system to manage, distribute and publish your images.

The frontend solutions can be implemented into any website or web-based content management system as easily as adding static images. All it takes is a couple of lines of HTML code, so there’s no costly redesign or development work. The solutions are highly configurable with the broad range of plug-ins supplied.

From a customers point of view, Interactive Images mean they can examine product detail, texture, colour and quality right there on your website. As we’ve already said, it’s the next best thing to customers holding the product in their hands!

At the backend, the powerful web-based management system lets you browse, search, proof, download and publish images in a range of formats, sizes and levels of functionality, saving you huge chunks of time and money in production.

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Pricing and Service Options
Unlike most providers, you can purchase your own in-house system with no recurring fees!

We understand that different businesses have different requirements, so we offer very transparent service options to try and meet every customer’s requirements:


Option 1. Fully Managed Hosted Solution

Our hosted packages are priced on a monthly figure that’s based on a maximum number of images on our system at any one time.

Typically this option is chosen by small/medium businesses because it requires no upfront investment for hardware and software, and the solutions can be implemented immediately.

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Option 2. License Purchase

ViewFX are an official UK reseller for FSI Viewer (Neptune Labs), and unlike the majority of solution providers, we offer the option to purchase your own solution outright, to be run on your own servers, with NO RECURRING COSTS. There are no ongoing costs (other than upgrades) and we can offer you various levels of support and training for the solutions, as well as remote installation.

Larger businesses and e-commerce providers who have their own in-house IT/Web management team tend to favour this option. But the choice is yours.

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Find out how ViewFX implemented digital publishing solutions for an international luxury footwear brand, surpassing all expectations! Find out how we helped them to reduce their marketing and distribution costs by a massive 65%, production costs by 33% and photography costs by 45%.

» Read the complete Client Study here

Professional Photography

At ViewFX, we provide professional product photography services that work hand-in-hand with our Interactive Image solutions.

We’ve a huge amount of experience in producing the right type of shots for interactive sites. Professional, properly styled shots can make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. And we can save you time, money and hassle in the process.

What’s more, by using us to photograph your products, we are able to proof the shots to you online. Then, once processed, we can upload the shots directly to our digital publishing platform, making them globally available to publish to your website, to download or distribute via the internet. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Find out more about our Photography Services


Engage users, generate higher sales and greatly reduce your production time and costs:

Captivate and Engage Users:
  • Give your customers close-up, high resolution and detailed images of your products. Show their features and benefits, quickly and easily. Each new view is fast to load and sharp to the eye in a split second

  • Show more options and information on each product with fewer clicks involved. It’s more fun for the user and they will intuitively know what to do

  • Showcase different angles using the 360° spin tool. The movement will bring more meaning to any product, large or small

  • Advanced functionality includes: full screen view, customisable look and feel, zoom, spins, hotspots, measure tool, crop areas plus many more

  • Create greater customer satisfaction, promoting brand loyalty and awareness

  • Control, manage and distribute images from a single 100% web-based management system

Cut Costs and Increase Revenues:
  • Increase sales and conversion rates through customer experience and satisfaction

  • Minimise product returns by giving your customers more product information before they buy

  • Reduce the number and cost of customer service enquiries

  • Reduce your photography costs while increasing the quality of your images

  • Reduce production, administration and distribution costs

  • Easily integrate Interactive Images into your website using a few lines of HTML
World Class Infrastructure:

Our solutions are delivered on world-class, managed servers and networks for your total peace of mind. We have daily backups of all our servers and 24hr 365-day server support.

ViewFX Hosting provided by Rackspace

Q&A on Dynamic Interactive Images:
Answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked when talking to clients

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How simple is it to implement the zoom and spin tools into our website?

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