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Q&A on Digital Publishing:
Here are answers to some of the questions we are frequently
asked when speaking to clients about digital publishing:

Q. Why is customer experience so important and why should it be prioritised?
In short, these days, consumers expect more. Bringing publications to life and making them interactive will increase your online circulation and readership without a shadow of a doubt. Research shows that 76% will take action while reading a digital brochure, for example. Whilst 72% of customers said they were more likely to buy online as a result of interactive images. It’s the way forward.

Q. How can digital publishing help us reduce our costs without affecting our marketing reach in the current economic climate?
Well for starters, it costs less than conventional marketing methods to reach your target audience. Production and print costs being the most substantial saving. And if anything, it allows you to reach a far wider audience with the use of the ‘forward to a friend’ or ‘recommend to a friend’ option. In short, it allows you do more for less!

Q. Are Digital Editions a replacement for our printed materials?
Sometimes this can be the case, if budget is an issue. However, most marketers would tell you that having both would be the optimum situation to be in. There will always be people who prefer to see things in print and situations where online publications are not practical. Going digital gives you far more information about what your customers want, what excites them and what doesn’t. This will allow you to react quicker, change the offering to suit and get the optimum results from your marketing campaigns. It will also mean you can gradually reduce the amount of printed material you order, as more of your customers take advantage of your online versions.

Q. What makes ViewFX's solutions standout from competitors?
ViewFX’s Digital Editions and Interactive Images are quite different products but have one thing in common. They are designed to help you increase your business substantially, whilst streamlining your production at the same time. And all for a very modest outlay.
What’s more, the quality of the results is second to none, with no loss of sharpness and very fast download speeds. Even huge images can appear crystal clear in a split second.
There are so many reasons why we believe our solutions are among the best on the market today. But the best way to find out what they can do for you is to take our 30-day free trial.

Q. Are your solutions affordable for small and medium businesses?
Absolutely. Digital publishing costs less than you think. We’ve a wide range of customers from small, start up businesses right through to large-scale corporate entities. And from a whole host of industry sectors – professional services, manufacturing, technical, ecommerce, fashion, creative … there is no limit to their scope.

Rather than focus on what size and type of company this media suits, the questions to ask are “What does my customer want?” and “Will this enhance their online experience?”

You’ll find further details of the costs involved on each of the solutions on the individual pages. Alternatively, click here for Digital Editions and here for Interactive Images. Or give us a call on 01604 711999 and we can go through your individual requirements and explain the best pricing structure for you.

Facts, figures and trends in digital publishing

A survey showed that 76% of customers took action while reading a digital brochure.
(source: ViewFX analytical data)


A survey showed 72% of customers asked said they were more likely to buy online as a result of Interactive Images.
(source: ViewFX analytical data)


Customers are drawn to online video. Figures from comScore show the number of online shoppers watching retail videos grew 40% in a single year from October 2007 to October 2008.
(source: eMarketer)


The UK has the second largest internet usage in Europe with 36.8 million visitors in April 2009. Results also show the UK has the second most engaged online audience in Europe, with the average visitor spending 29 hours online in April 2009.
(source: comScore press release)


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