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Transform your marketing; increase revenue and reach, reduce costs and waste

Digital Editions are online versions of your printed materials, such as: brochures, catalogues, promotions, newsletters, manuals, specification sheets; in fact virtually anything you can think of.

First, they allow you to really differentiate yourself from your competitors, giving your customers a far more exciting and engaging experience all-round. But most importantly for marketers, they give you the tools to analyse reader behaviour and measure results. This type of information is priceless for your marketing and sales effort. It means you can tailor content, spot trends and act quickly on proven information.

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What Digital Editions can be used for within your business

There is certainly no single type of business or market sector that Digital Editions is designed for. Every company needs to market its products or services. And Digital Editions can help you increase your revenues and marketing reach, reduce your costs and engage your customers. It’s as simple as that!


Some examples of how Digital Editions can be used:

   • Brochures • Magazines • Reports • Manuals

   • Newsletters • Promotions • Catalogues

   • Specification Sheets • In-house Publications


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Q&A on Digital Editions:
Answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked when talking to clients.

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How much does a Digital Edition cost?

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What’s the process to produce a Digital Edition?

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They allow you to put any printed material online: brochures, catalogues, promotions, newsletters, manuals, specification sheets; in fact virtually anything you normally send to your customers or prospects.

You’ll gain valuable insight into your customers’ behaviour, allowing you to test and measure, spot trends and adjust the content quickly and easily, and without incurring huge costs. This means you can publish content targeted to specific customer groups.

You’ll reduce your print and distribution costs by up to 90%! React quicker to a changing market and minimise your print waste.

You can bring the publications to life by including rich content like video, audio and interactive content, greatly enriching your customers’ experience – which can increase your online circulation and readership by up to 50%. Link to forms, your website or online store, making it easy for your customers to obtain further information and create a clear path to purchase.

It’s one of the most intuitive, functional and high performance products of its type on the market today. Customers can zoom in and flip through the pages with ease. Plus there’s the new advanced full screen feature.

Our solutions are delivered on world-class, managed servers and networks for your total peace of mind. We have daily backups of all our servers and 24hr 365-day server support.

Reducing your print waste will not only be saving you stacks of money, you will be reducing your environmental impact, something that has become a concern for any company in recent times.

Find out how ViewFX implemented digital publishing solutions for an international luxury footwear brand, surpassing all expectations! Find out how we helped them to reduce their marketing and distribution costs by a massive 65%, production costs by 33% and photography costs by 45%.

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